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The said reference, the 3180, bore a calibre of the same number, with 25 jewels and a reserve of 45 hours. The words ‘Grand Seiko’, in a stylised coat-of-arms font, were applied on the dial, a marked difference from later models which bore the ‘GS’ abbreviation. The case back bore the symbol of a lion, Seiko’s emblematic creature and the case was in gold. A few models were later produced in full platinum.

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Grand Seiko’s rise in the industry since has been nothing short of meteoric. Both in terms of performance as well as design and stylistics, the brand’s original cult following has gone mainstream, and today, it’s coveted both among those who love high-end watchmaking, as well as those who appreciate the Japanese style of aesthetics and design, a functional and utilitarian mode of watchmaking. Indeed, across Seiko’s other lines (Presage, Prospex, Credor, Astron and Seiko 5 Sport), the same rules apply.


It’s a trend that best Roger Dubuis Replica Watches itself has noticed and played up. Last year, the brand released the SBGZ001, with a snowflake-pattern dial and case in platinum that’s handworked by artisans of the Micro Artist Studio in Shiojiri. The matte, irregular pattern gave the watch a startlingly distinct look that was incredibly sexy and sophisticated, demonstrated by how quickly the watch sold out even at a rather steep price of USD70,000.

This year marks Grand Seiko’s 60th anniversary, and in the first quarter of the year, the company’s released a bevy of new models that are targeted at both new and old, classic and sporty watch buyers. The stars of this year’s 60th anniversary celebrations are the Elegance SBGW257, 258 and 259 references, a trio of Grand Seikos that are loyal to the reference 3180 in looks. Angled polished surfaces play against the mirror-finished case and bezel surfaces, as well as around the case back, which is visible now through a sapphire crystal and through which one can admire the 9S64 manually-wound calibre.

SBGW 257,258 and 259

The movement, first introduced in 2011, featured a Spron alloy Chopard Replica (a material developed by Seiko for its hairspring, the 610, and mainspring, the 510) which is less likely to deform and has greater tensile performance, so it can deliver better isochronism and store more energy for release in the movement. The escape wheel and pallet fork are also manufactured by MEMS, and features a design that allows them to hold lubricating oil better. The movement delivers a three-day power reserve in the slim watch, which is sized at a more era-appropriate 38mm compared with the 3180’s 35mm.

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