About that Cartier Replica that Sold Out in 3 Minutes

Cartier Replica-At a meeting with George Bamford a few weeks back, we were sitting in The Hive (the Bamford Watch Department HQ). George and I were discussing watches that make us both smile. At one point he rolled back his shirt sleeve and removed the watch he was wearing, threw it across the room (we were responsibly socially distanced) encouraging me to check out the upcoming — yet announced — collaboration.

Cartier Replica.jpg

Cartier Replica

What I caught was the Cartier Replica, a very cool thing indeed, even on first sight. Based on the original indestructible rectangular digital readout watch, the Bamford 5610 boasts a “Multi Band 6 Radio Controlled technology” that ensures that the timekeeping is a s sharp as the watch’s Bamford facelift.

Cartier ReplicabestBut two-and-a-half years later, when de Haas gave notice to leave IWCand take up a post at the legendary movement manufacture Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi (APRP), Mr Blümlein called him to his office to ask why his young gun wanted to leave. “This is something he always did, he was very interested in what was going on,” says deHaas. “I told him I had the possibilityto work at Renaud & Papi who he knew very well as the first project APRP did was for IWC. He asked if I would stay if I could make complicated watches, but I explained that Renaud.

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